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Website Build


  • Website Build Through Available Options:
    • WordPress+Woocommerce
    • Magento

Hosting Provider Assistance

  • Recommended Website Hosts
    • Godaddy
    • Blue Host

Site Build out and Design

  • Splash Page
    • Front Page Sliders
    • Page banners
    • Featured Product Layouts
    • Thumbnail Logo Layout
    • Front Page Main Tabs
    • sub category Tabs

Checkout Page needs to be transferred from 3 steps to 1

  • Bottom Navigation bar
    • Payment Security (SSL)
    • Payment Integration (Visa, MC, Amex, Paypal, Amazon and More)

Product Display

  • Upload Items and product variations (1000 SKUs)
  • Compress and resize product images (This optimizes website speed)
  • Product Descriptions, Size charts, Pricing, Fabric content
  • Create systematical retail capabilities
    • Promotional Codes
    • Shipping Cost Adjustments


  • Full connectivity through Google eCommerce Program:
    • Google Adwords/Google Analytics/Google Merchant/Google Console
  • Tag entire website to re-market products to visitors
  • Real Time order updates with customer email addresses
  • Real time views of new subscribers and fake oakleys unsubscribes
  • Conversion tagging to show what brought customers to the website

Marketplace Integration

Sell Online

  • Connection to Seller Central
  • Process Brand registration
  • Upgrade store to Prime
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales
  • Implement Tools to Optimize Traffic To NeshNYC Store

Sell Online

  • Connection to Merchant Portal
  • Connect Twitter Market Program
    • Include Buy Now Option on Product Tweets
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales

Sell Online

  • Connection to Merchant Portal
  • Full Store Booth Set Up
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales

Sell Online

  • Connection to Seller Portal
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales

Sell Online

  • Connection to Seller Portal
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales

Sell Online

  • Connection to Seller Portal
  • Upload Products (1000 SKUs)
  • Set up promotional sales

Inventory Management

Order/Product Management

  • All orders integrated into our customized shipping oakley outlet software
  • Create labels and process orders
  • Ship from any carrier
  • Record product stock as orders are received from all marketplaces
  • Construct branded fake oakleys tracking page
  • Streamline all trade show purchase orders into in realtime

Product Stock

  • Download daily warehouse inventory reports for retail stores
  • Inventory allocation by style, size and color
  • Low inventory alerts

Invoice Management

  • Purchase Order invoicing and pick tickets

Marketing Configuration

Social Marketing:

  • Open Social Media Marketplaces
    • Facebook Store
    • Pinterest Store
  • Manage/create Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Manage/create Instagram Ads Campaign
  • Manage/create Twitter Ads Campaign
  • Manage/create Pinterest Ads Campaign


  • Create multiple email templates
  • Email 15000 subscribers 70000 emails daily (No spam)
  • 10 company email addresses

Our Web Design Team will construct a beautifully designed and fully operational eCommerce store through one of the selected platforms. We will upload up to a 1000 SKUs of products and give you full assistance on the step by step process that is used to develop your website.

Full integration with every online marketplace. Expand your brand through eCommerce connections. Our Branding Team have extensive experience in this area of expertise to help build and connect your brand to all marketplaces to successfully start selling your merchandise.

Complete inventory updates and reports on a daily/weekly basis of the product stock and purchase orders. Our branding team will keep track of all incoming and outgoing orders ensuring accurate reports of all merchandise. They will advise you with experienced consultation for inventory allocation dependent on your cheap football jerseys online marketplaces to increase conversion.

Our Branding Team will publish your product over every eCommerce social media marketplace. We will develop Ad Campaigns comprised of top design and trending topics. Using our analytical social media data we will use this expertise пляж to post at hot spot moments to ensure customer conversion traffic.